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  for PowerBASIC
  Version 1.90


What is PBSOUND:

  • PBSOUND is a Sound Blaster Toolkit for the PowerBASIC Versions 3.00/3.10 and 3.20.
  • PBSOUND supports all Creative Labs Sound Blaster models, incl. SB16, SB32AWE, Wave Blaster, and Creative Labs compatible Soundcards incl. Upgradeboards like Roland Sound Canvas SCD10/15 and Yamaha DB-50XG.
  • PBSOUND supports the internal PC-Speaker.
  • PBSOUND supports the built in ASP-Chip of your Sound Blaster 16 or Sound Blaster 32AWE card!
  • The recommended Operatingsystem for PBSOUND for PowerBASIC is MS-DOS in the Versions 5.0, 6.x, 7.0 or MS-Windows 95.

Efficiency of PBSOUND:

  • PBSOUND plays all currently known Creative Voice Formats (VOC) and can also record them (with ASP-Compression!!).
  • PBSOUND plays all currently known MIDI-Formats (MID), the used hardware is supproted optimally.
  • VOC-Replay and recording can be done in background, the length of the VOC-Files is only limited by the size of the hard disk.
  • WAV-Files can be converted with the supplied PB2W int VOC-Format (or the other way around).
  • Finished VOC/MID-Files can be played with PBPLAY.
  • PBSOUND supports the Mixer of the SBPro and of the SB16/SB32AWE.
  • PBSOUND contains an intelligent Memorymanagement, meaning that PBSOUND uses the memory in the Upper Memory Block. You can work better within the IDE. PBSOUND also does an automatic memory optimzing when running within the IDE.
  • PBREC can record new VOC-Files.
  • PBSPEAK plays your VOC-Files over the PC-Speaker.
  • PBSPEECH demonstrates the Sprachsynthesys-Replayof your Sound Blaster card (PBU not contained it the Shareware-Version).
  • You can create your own PBSOUND-Librarys with up to 4GByte and link them to a PowerBASIC-EXE-File with PSEXE.
  • The added PBSOUND-Library-Unit automizes the access to your created EXE-Files. You can principally directly load the data from the EXE-File or first save them as a file. The file will then be returned to its normal state.

supplied sources for PBSOUND:

  • Source of the Demo (Main-Module)
  • some short documentations
  • Source to control CT-VOICE.DRV (up to Version 3.x)
  • Source to control the SBPro Mixer
  • Demo of the Library-Concept

Obtaining PBSOUND:

  • The complete PBSOUND-Toolbox can be obtained from 04.30a-03.30a:

- Via request with the Magic 'PBSOUND':
  PBSOUND HQ, Berlin            2:2410/330@Fido (ISDN & 33.6)
                                2:2410/331@Fido (33.6)
             Port 1: +49 30 473 009 10  (ISDN)
             Port 2: +49 30 473 009 10  (33.6)

- or via download in the PBSOUND HQ, Berlin

- or via InterNet:
*PBSOUND.ZIP - version 1.90 german/english / 1.22MByte
*Update for PowerBASIC 3.50 (20k)
*Free version for private use only (44k)
*PSDEMO.ZIP - version 1.90 german / 500kByte
    The demo to PBSOUND for PowerBASIC (Release 1.90)
*SBTRACK.ZIP - version 1.90 german / 73kByte
    Track-Creator for PBSOUND voc-files (Release 1.90)

Installation of PBSOUND:

  • Existance of the PowerBASIC Compiler is a requirement to install PBSOUND!
  • Turn on your sound system before installing PBSOUND, because PBSOUND is a Sound Blaster Toolbox {g}.
  • PBSOUND must be installed to your hard disk with the added Installationprogram.To do so just run INSTALL.EXE from the install disk. Should you receive PBSOUND as a packed archive, so unpack it into a temporary directory.
  • Should INSTALL find an existing PBSOUND-Version, it will replace that version (not Sound Blaster(tm) Unit).
  • Alternatively you can start INSTALL with the parameter '/L'. When you have problems with your Graphics card, rename the file 'PBSOUND.EXE'.
  • After installation please run the program 'SBSETUP'. SBSETUP will analyse you Operating System, remove unneeded TSRs, analyse your Envronment, and create or update the Sound Blaster Driverlibrary.

The PBSOUND-Helpsystem:

  • PBSOUND has a Helpsystem compatible to the PowerBASIC 3.x PowerBASIC-IDE.
  • To call the Helpsystem press [SHIFT] and the press [F1] until the Helpsystem appears. The rest works as the Helpsystem of your IDE.
  • The help on some topics can be additionally found in the PBSOUND-Installationpath.

automatic Speechsupport:

  • Some of the with PBSOUND delivered programs automatically support the Countryoptions of the used Computersystem. Should you not use 100% compatible Software or use other spacesaving Devicedrivers, you will have to run the programs with the parameter '/L' (or when you don't know the English language) {grin}.

AddOn- and Demo-Programs for and about PBSOUND:

  • A Demo from PBSOUND, 1.5MB EXE-File (packed 644kByte).
    Filename: 'PSDEMO.ZIP'
    Demonstration of the PBSOUND-Library-Concept, of Speech synthesis, MIDI- & VOC-Steering and Mixer. Playing of 3D-Animations or 'Movies' out of a PBSOUND-EXE-File.
    Next Generation is in work.
  • 'Kampf um Trubelland', an adventure written with PowerBASIC (Demo): Filename 'TRUBEL.ZIP'
  • other tools in work...


  • PBSOUND is SHAREWARE! This means: You can use PBSOUND as long as you want. Or, at least unti you can't stand the Registerationmotivator anymore {g}. More information can be obtained from the file 'LICENCE.DOC' or from the Online-Help.


  • Thomas Gohel@2:2410/330.1 (FidoNet)
  • support@gohel.de (InterNet)
  • Online in the PBSOUND HQ
    You can write a mail to me online in PBSOUND HQ in the Messagearea 'PBSOUND.SUPPORT'. The answer will lie in the BBS after two days.

My thanks go to:

  • K-H.Kalb, St.Guenther, A.Hoeffken, Th.Geiger, B.Milz, B.Richter, F.Wiesen, C.Wendler and all the others that helped me in any way.

... and in the end:

  • Loads of fun ... {g}

    Your Thomas Gohel

(c) 1992/2007 by Thomas Gohel, All rights reserved
(c) 1996/1998 by Thomas Geiger, english version



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