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  for PowerBASIC - license agreement
  Version 1.90



Goal of the development of PBSOUND for PowerBASIC was and is, to give you an efficient and stable Toolbox. With todays stand in technology it is not possible to create completely error free software. I will try to remove all bugs with all of my possibilities and information, but I can not garante for bug free software and can not be made responsible for any damage created by bugs in my software.

You obtain the right to use PBSOUND by paying a registration fee. PBSOUND for PowerBASIC is Shareware for private, noncommercial use, meaning that PBSOUND may be tested for free, without limits, and with full support.

Limitatitions in the Sharewareversion

The only limitation is a Payment- and Motivationorder. There are no limitations in the fnctions/features!! PBSOUND for PowerBASIC can be used as long as you want.

Non-private Use

PBSOUND is not Shareware for commercial use and for officials, schools, clubs, unions, political partys and all other juridical persons!!!
The registration fee is due from start of use on. There are different fees than for the Shareware:

Registeration fee:
Inland: 80,-DM
Foreign: $80.00

Registeration fee for private Use

The following fees are for private use, as for use in the PD- and Shareware area. When registering you will receive the reg. Version with one of the following:
  • via stamped and self addressed return envelope (with two added 1.44MB Disks)
  • via Request/Download with password from a Support-Box
  • via Crash to your home BBS
Registeration fee:
Inland: 40,-DM
Foreign: $40.00

Registering by mail

This is the fastest way of registering. Send the fee as cheque or in cash to the following address:

Thomas Gohel
Unterwaldenstr. 12a
D-16341 Panketal
Fill out the Form at the end of this text and add it to the registeration!
Also add two Disks (min. 1.44MB) for the registered Version.

Registering via Banktransfer

Please only chose this way of registering when you are reachable by me via mail. (see above). Note that the time needed for the money to get to me takes a bit longer than it would do by mail. Transfer the amount to the following account:

please ask / PBSOUND is now freeware

Registering using Credit Card:

This form of registeration is because of some German Bank Laws not possible! In this case simply send me a Cheque per Mail, transfer the money directly to my account or put the money together with the letter.

Validity and Updates

A registeration allows the use of PBSOUND for PowerBASIC by one person. There are different conditions for use in companies, Unions a.o.
The author is not obligated to develop further Versions of PBSOUND. This is especially true for translation of the Toolbox into other Basic languages. Further on the author is not obligated to release future versions as Shareware.


PBSOUND for PowerBASIC may and should be spread in noncommercial ways in unchanged Form (meaning in the original archives) as you want. Distribution by Shareware-Vendors is only allowed when the Copyfee does not exceed 5.- for one copy. Any other way of distribution as well as the bundling with other products is only allowed with a direct, written authorization by the Author.

The Musicfile contained in PBSOUND do not seem to lie under the Copyright as I see it. They were taken from the Shareware- and Public Domain area. Should, even though the selection was made very carefully, any Copyrights be broken, please tell me immediately. The affected parts will then be removed in the future Versions of PBSOUND or the Copyright will be forefilled in other ways (Payment og Usage-fees etc.)

Support-Contactaddresses for private and non-private Users

At this time only over the following Netaddresses:

FidoNet :   Thomas Gohel@2:2410/330.1
InterNet:   support@gohel.de
And you can obtain support online in my Support-BBS. To do so you have to log into the BBS and write a Mail to me in the PowerBASIC-Forum.

Support-BBS and optaining the current Version

You can optain the current Version of PBSOUND for PowerBASIC directly from the following BBSs (i.e. via Fido-Filerequest per MAGIC 'PBSOUND'):

If you don't have Fido-Access, you can download the current Version of PBSOUND online. In this case please log on to the "PBSOUND HQ, Berlin".

       2:2410/330  - PBSOUND HQ, Berlin
                     Port 1: +49-30-473 009 10  (ISDN)
                     Port 2: +49-30-473 009 10  (33.6)


Registration Order Form

Registration Order Form

   To  Thomas Gohel  (or to the Netaddresses)
       Unterwaldenstr. 12a
       D-16341 Panketal

   Subject: Registering PBSOUND for PowerBASIC 3.0/3.2

   Hi there!

   I would like to register PBSOUND for PowerBASIC.

   I know that you will send me a registered Version when I have filled
   out all relevant questions below and after you have received the Fee.

   If I am not connected to one of the Networks (see Addresses), I will
   send you an addressed return envelope plus stamps, so that you can send
   me a registered Version by mail. If I add two 1.44MB-Disks and an
   addressed return envelope plus stampt, I will automatically receive the
   newest Version of PBSOUND for PowerBASIC 3.0/3.2.

   With many greetings,


   My complete NAME: ___________________________________

   My Fido Netaddress, to which the registered Version shall go to,
   "Rainer Unfug@2:4711/08.15" for example.

   Netaddress: _______________________________________________

   Net: ______________________________________________________

    ___  PBSOUND for PowerBASIC 3.0/3.2         (DM 40,- or $40 each)
    ___  Version of PBSOUND

    Way of payment:

    ( )  The money comes with this.
    ( )  The money was transfered to your account.

    I have received PBSOUND for PowerBASIC from ...

    ( )  a BBS called ___________________________________
    ( )  Other: _____________________________________________


(c) 1992/2004 by Thomas Gohel, All rights reserved
(c) 1996/1998 by Thomas Geiger, english version



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