PowerBASIC.GER-FAQ - All topics


*Foreword, Suggestion, How to obtain the current PowerBASIC.GER-FAQ

*Obtaining, Toolboxes, Prices and Infos about PowerBASIC

1.1. The Current Versions of PowerBASIC
1.2. The Original Distributors of PowerBASIC
1.3. German Speaking Area
1.4. German PowerBASIC Prices
1.5. Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland
1.6. New in Version 3.1 of PowerBASIC
1.7. New in Version 3.2 of PowerBASIC
1.9. New in Version 3.5 of PowerBASIC
1.8. PowerBASIC - The next Generation

*Errors (Bug's)/Inconsistencies in PowerBASIC-Versions 3.0, 3.1, 3.2 and 3.5 (Part 1)

2.0. PowerBASIC-Errorlibraries
2.1. The NUMERIC/OVERFLOW-Problem in PowerBASIC 3.0
2.2. The NUMERIC/OVERFLOW-Problem in PowerBASIC 3.1/3.2
2.3. No Overflow-Error with Doublewords
2.4. Crash of the PowerBASIC IDE and compiled EXE's while loading
2.5. Different sized EXE's when compiling with PB/PBC
2.6. Different EXE-Files with same Compilation
2.7. Problems with the Mouse within the IDE
2.8. The Fixup Overflow Syndrome
2.9. The story with ASCII-154 after a Remark in the Inline-ASM

*Errors (Bug's)/Inconsistencies in PowerBASIC-Versions 3.0, 3.1, 3.2 and 3.5 (Part 2)

2.10. Error 454: END FUNCTION expected
2.11. Another REMARK-Problem with $ALIAS
2.12. The Mistake CDWRD in the Online-Help
2.13. The Mistake CVDWRD in the Online-Help
2.14. Crash when pressing CTRL-C
2.15. Error when producing Output with "CONS:" and CTRL-C
2.16. The Problem with Error 244 in a Stand Alone EXE
2.17. Problems with linking of multiple Lines of Source
2.18. Problems with the WATCH-Window and multidimensional Arrays
2.19. Buggy internal Function/Variable: pbvScrnCols
2.20. Incorrect internal Function/Variable: pbvHost
2.21. A little difference in the new Inline-Assembler of V3.1/3.2
2.22. The dd-Problem in PowerBASIC 3.1/3.2
2.23. Undocumented internal Variables in PowerBASIC 3.0/3.1/3.2
2.24. The PRINT-Bug in PowerBASIC 3.2

*Errors (Bug's)/Inconsistencies in PowerBASIC-Versions 3.0, 3.1, 3.2 and 3.5 (Part 3)

2.25. The "File not found"-Error after using NAME
2.26. Calculationerror when using Constants
2.27. Wrong "Bit Movement" with ROTATE
2.28. Overflow when using FOR/NEXT-Loops
2.29. Overflow when using STEP -1 in FOR/NEXT-Loops
2.30. The Bug in the VARPTR32 Command
2.31. The "KEY ON" Bug
2.32. Crash of the PowerBASIC IDE in the Pick- Menu
2.33. Crash of the PowerBASIC IDE with faulty Syntax
2.34. Error when swapping variables using SWAP
2.35. The Multiplexer Interrupt Error in the REG-Command
2.36. Contents of a Directory will be deleted with KILL
2.37. The thing with the "USR" string
2.38. The GOTO DWORD Bug
2.39. The 'ON LOCAL ERROR' Bug
2.40. ... and again 'ON LOCAL ERROR'
2.41. Runtimeerror in the PowerBASIC Helpcompiler
2.42. The Bug "Truncating" in the PowerBASIC Helpcompiler
2.43. Crash of the PowerBASIC-IDE after calling its own Help

*PowerBASIC and the CoProcessor

3.1. Does PowerBASIC support a CoProcessor?
3.2. Which Floatingpointlibrary is the right one?
3.3. Does the CoProcessor work with $FLOAT PROCEDURE, too?
3.4. Which PowerBASIC-Functions are affected?
3.5. Possible reasons for the CoProcessor-Effect
3.6. PowerBASIC-Benchmark Source

*Standardproblems (Part 1)

4.1. Compatability between the PBUs and LIBs of the 3.x Versions
4.2. Not enough memory in the PowerBASIC-IDE
4.3. Finding out the filename and path to the filename
4.4. No free memory with ENVIRON$
4.5. No Returnerrorlevel with SHELL
4.6. Cutting files

*Standardproblems (Part 2)

4.7. Error 502/514 when using C-OBJ-Files
4.8. Preventing a Warmboot with CTRL-ALT-DEL
4.9. Opening more than 15 Files with PowerBASIC and/or DOS
4.10. HEX$-DWORD Routine for PowerBASIC 3.1/3.2

*Hints in Connection with the Inline-Assembler (Part 1)

5.1. Principles of the function of the Inline-Assembler
5.2. Assembler Syntax Error
5.3. Faulty passing of Variables in the Inline-Assembler
5.4. Problems with LDS/LES
5.5. Crash after calling own INT-Functions
5.6. Fixup Overflow
5.7. Dividing Variables from WORD to BYTE
5.8. Dividing Variables from DWORD to WORD
5.9. Access to Arrays / Structures with the Inline-Assembler

*Hints in Connection with the Inline-Assembler (Part 2)

5.10. Parameter return with the Inline-Assembler
5.11. Parameter return in Interrupt-Procedures
5.12. Creating 32bit-Pointers
5.13. Converting from REG to Inline-ASM
5.14. Converting from REG to Inline-ASM

*Hints in Connection with Pointers

6.1. Pointers in general
6.2. What are pointers, and what are they for ?
6.3. PowerBASIC-Pointers and dynamic strings
6.4. PowerBASIC-Pointers and fixed length strings
6.5. PowerBASIC-Pointer and FLEX-Strings
6.6. PowerBASIC-Pointer and TYPE structures
6.7. A little Demonstration (source)

*Hints in Connection with Turbo-C or Borland C++

7.1. The author
7.2. Why write/use external routines for PB3 in C
7.3. The correct memory model
7.4. Limitations by the PowerBASIC 3.x compiler/-linker
7.5. Passing Parameters
7.6. PowerBasic example
7.7. Corresponding C module
7.8. The assembler code, corresponding to the C module
7.9. Usage of routines from external C libraries
7.10.Preparations if PB V2.1 is used

*Hints about conversion of Sources from PDS to PowerBASIC 3.x

*Available Shareware & Public Domain Solutions (Part 1)

9.1. PBSOUND for PowerBASIC 3.0/3.2
9.2. HiVGA for PowerBASIC 2.1/3.1
9.3. PBVISION for PowerBASIC 3.0/3.1
9.4. PBCompress for PowerBASIC 3.1
9.5. Personal Protocol/Communication Library for PowerBASIC
9.6. POW! - Sound Blaster Toolkit
9.7. PBGUI Toolkit for PowerBASIC 3.0
9.8. PBWizard
9.9. SVGA for PowerBASIC
9.10. MAXLIB for PowerBASIC
9.11. DWDOOR for PowerBASIC
9.12. Special-Power / Spezialtools for PowerBASIC 2.1/3.0
9.13. BWSB - Bells, Whistles and Sound Boards

*Available Shareware & Public Domain Solutions (Part 2)

9.14. Public Domain Sources from German Programmers
9.15. Public Domain Sources which are needed often

*The People from PowerBASIC

10.1. USA - United States of America
10.2. BRD - Germany, german speaking area
10.3. Fido/InterNet - The people from PowerBASIC

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(c) 1996/1997 by Thomas Geiger, english version